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Tenant Background Check Services

Tenant Background Check Services

Completing a tenant Background check is the most important part of a potential screen process. The truth is that utilizing the services of quality tenant background check Company is the only way to verify tenant information. At The Chariot Group LLC, our tenant background check service includes performing a research on each potential tenant to help you protect your investment property from unruly tenants who have a shady past.

Identifying High-Risk Tenants Has Never Been Easier.

The basic Tenant screening includes reviewing applications, contacting references and conducting follow-up interviews. The final step of your potential renter evaluation should always be a thorough tenant background check.

We Conduct a National Criminal Search!

To ensure that your investment goes in safe hands our Tenant Background Check Services conduct Criminal Search of each prospective tenant at National level and not just state or county level. This lets you know if the prospective tenant is telling truth about his/her past.

We Conduct a National Eviction Search!

Evicting unruly tenants is an extremely difficult task that causes you time, money and damage to your property. That is why our Tenant Background Check Services perform national level Eviction search on all prospective tenants to find out any possible defaulter. If a potential tenant has a history of being, evicting there is a good chance it can happen again. Our nationwide eviction search prevents such situations by finding you a renter who does not have a history of being evicted.

We are FCRA Complaint!

As a property owner, it is important that you must follow strict guidelines while evaluating and investigating potential renters. One guideline that you must follow is that the Tenant Background Check Service you are hiring to investigate potential renters must be FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) Complaint. This means that certain private information isn’t allowed to be shared with the person searching.

One Partner For All Your Background Screening Needs

Our Tenant Background Check Services include the following:


  • Identity Verification
  • Bad Tenant Database Search (Local and National Registries)
  • Employment & Income Verification
  • Bankruptcy Check
  • Eviction Check
  • Consumer Behavior Analysis
  • Previous Address Verification
  • Credit Check
  • Tenancy Outcome Analysis
  • Previous Landlord Verification
  • Employment Stability Analysis
  • Legal & Court Record Search
  • Social Media Check
  • Pet Liability Analysis
  • High-Risk Phone Number Search
  • Debt Check & Risk Analysis
  • External Media & Google Search
  • Property Suitability Analysis
  • Criminal Record Check (Optional)
  • Financial Analysis
Using the services of a qualified Tenant Background Check Services is a smart thing do as a landlord or property owner. There are countless stories of rentals being abused just because the property owners did not do the due diligence on prospective renters before renting them the property. You do not want to be that property owner, Do you?

Protect Your investment Property!

At The Chariot Group LLC, our tenant background check service lifts the burden of running all kinds of background checks on potential tenants off your shoulder and delivers you the renters who have no shady past.  Our goal is to ensure that your property goes right in right hands and you get consistent cash flow you deserve from your investment property.

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