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Ways to Attract Your Quality Tenants

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For a property owner, a vacant rental property is like a hole in the pocket that keeps draining his or her hard earned cash. Getting a tenant into the home as fast as possible becomes one of their top priorities. However, everyone knows there is a big difference between a tenant and a quality tenant. If you have a vacant rental property, here are some proven strategies that you can use to attract a quality tenant to your rental property.   Highlight Unique Selling Point Before promoting your rental property judge the property as if you are a tenant. Find [...]

Why Tenant Placement Services are So Valuable

Tenant Placement services is a boon for “first time” as well as “tenured” property owner who are not able to find a suitable tenant for their rental property. A Tenant Placement Service not only gets you a qualified tenant for your rental property but also saves you from hassles of advertising, interviews, documentations and much more.  A Tenant Placement Service is a great help especially for property owners who do not have time on their hands.   Given below are a few reasons why tenant placement services are so valuable. Prevent Vacancies: For a property owner, a vacant property is [...]

How to Choose the Right Property Management Company

There is no doubt that a Property management company makes rental business hassle-free and time-saving. However, choosing the Right Property Management Company for your investment property requires some homework. One wrong move can leave a bad taste in your mouth especially if you are new to rental property business. Given below are some best practices one can follow to get to the Right Property Management Company. Ask Around for Referrals: Ensure you ask around for referrals for Property Management Company, ideally from the real estate investor in the area. Ask them the reason behind their suggestion so that based on [...]

Staging Tips to Attract Good Tenants for Your Rental Property

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Home staging is the key to attracting good tenants for your rental property. Right Rental staging can make a difference between renting your property right away or having it vacant for months. Professionally staging your rental property is a good idea as it not only sets your property apart from the competition but also helps you attract the good tenants. The key to staging your rental property is creating a space that anyone entering can instantly imagine themselves living in it. Remember a small investment in rental staging can avoid vacancies and ensure a consistent cash flow from your income [...]

Property Management

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Property management is important if you want to avoid vacancies and get a consistent cash flow from your property in cities like Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Los Angeles, etc.. Typically, property management is the operation, oversight administration, and control of residential, commercial and/or industrial property. Property management involves the acquisition, control, care, monitoring, maintenance, accountability, utilization, and disposition of the property. Property management is important as it ensures useful life, value, and condition of the property while generating income. Managed properties include commercial retail space, residential and/or vacation properties, or industrial warehouse space. Property management can be done in the [...]

Tenant Screening

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Tenant screening is one of the most important things in managing your property. The aim of tenant screening is to evaluate a tenant’s potential risk and to minimize your after-lease headache. Virtually all problems faced by property owners with their tenants can be eliminated through a good screening process. Thus, it is important to screen every potential tenant carefully before allowing him or her to sign a lease. Given below are the stages and the guidelines we use for effective tenant screening: Pre-Screening Set Terms and Condition Setting up terms and conditions to rent your property is the first and [...]

Why You Should Hire A Tenant Placement Company?

The days of putting up a “For Rent” sign to find a tenant are long gone. Property owners in search of good candidates need more innovative strategies to attract quality, qualified tenants. The challenge is that many property owners do not have time or resources to search for and engage potential tenants. They also lack the time to show properties and follow up on potential leads. The traditional advertising methods that they use, may often garner poor results. Opting for a professional tenant placement company not only saves one from these hassles, but also promises a consistent cash flow. Isn’t [...]
Tenant Placement Company Baltimore

Why Baltimore, Why Now?

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Baltimore is a city with such a rich history full of terrific real estate opportunities. In addition to the city’s great neighborhoods, the city is also filled with great people. If you want to know what this great city has to offer you have come to the right place. The Chariot Group, LLC is looking forward to providing you with information to make buying and selling real estate in and around Baltimore as simple as possible. If you have a property you need to sell or are looking for additional properties to add to your real estate portfolio, contact us [...]