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Are you a landlord in Baltimore looking to maximize your cash flow?

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The Chariot Group specializes in helping landlords in Baltimore realize their full investment potential with reduced vacancies and consistent cash flow when signing up with our Tenant Placement Services.

We can help if you are:

  • A landlord losing cash due to vacancy
  • Unable to find qualified tenants
  • Losing cash flow because you can't sell your house
  • An owner of a property but can't afford repairs

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Tenant Placement Services

Our organization specializes in offering solutions for landlords to eliminate vacancies and maintain consistent cashflow from their residential properties

A Vacant unit is a property killer, if you are looking to for a Tenant Placement Services in Baltimore you are at the right place. Tenant Placement Services offered by The Chariot Group LLC in Baltimore not only saves you time and headaches, but also protects your cash flow from the rental property.

Any property owner will develop a nervous twitch when they have a vacant unit to fill. The reason being:

  • A Vacant unit is lost money in your bank account every month. baltimore-tenant-placement-services-for-landlords
  • It might attract drug addicts, vandals, squatters, etc. who can damage and deface the property driving your prep costs through the roof.
  • It tells your current tenants that they can negotiate a rent freeze or reduction because they know that your vacant property has you on the ropes.
  • A Vacant unit Lower the overall value of your property  alerting savvy investors that there is wiggle room in your negotiating price due to the lost cash flow from your empty, profit-eating units
  • A Vacant unit takes a lot of time to find a qualified renter that consumes time and money in ads and showing your property.      

Thus, a vacant unit is landlords worst nightmare, filling which it isn't as easy as it sounds.

We Promise a Qualified tenant in 30 days.

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Tenant Placement Services provided by The Chariot Group LLC is committed to remove the tenant search burden off your shoulder. The Tenant Placement Services involve:

  1. Marketing: In the first step of our tenant placement service process, we develop a marketing strategy based on your tenant requirement and property location.  It is implemented through both online and offline modes for maximum coverage, like:


    • Internet marketing tenant-placement-marketing-services-for-landlords
    • Online classified Ads
    • Release to our network of 3000 investors who also maintain tenant databases.
    • Captivating professional flyers
    • Address Tenant follow-up questions

  2. Prescreening: Next, Potential tenants goes through a rigorous prescreening process in our tenant placement services designed to uncover any problem with potential tenants. It involves:


    • Prior and current rental checks baltimore-tenant-placement-services-tenant-screening
    • Landlord reference checks
    • Eviction history
    • Employment/Income verification
    • Credit check
    • Criminal background checks
    • Leasing application review
    • Tenant assessment and interview   

  3. Property Showing: The best part of the tenant placement service is that we handle the property showing. Imagine how much time and money you can save. With tenant placement service in place, you do not have to take time out of your busy schedule to show your property to potential tenants.


  4. Leasing Document Preparation and completing paperwork: Next, we handle the leasing document preparation along with completing other paper works. We also coordinate the lease-signing meeting with the tenant.


  5. Subsidized housing placement: We have an extensive experience for placing tenants for subsidized housing program (i.e. MBQ, Section 8) as well as market rent tenant placements.


  6. Collecting the security deposit: We walk an extra mile, by collecting security deposit from the tenant so that your cash flow is safe and secure.

Finally, we fill your vacant unit with a qualified tenant. Imagine how much work, time quality-honest-baltimore-tenant-placement-servicesand money you save through tenant placement services offered by The Chariot Group LLC.

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Remember!! We Promise a Qualified tenant in 30 days.

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I'll keep this short and sweet. The Chariot Group helped me rent my house in Baltimore fast for some much needed cash! They are great people providing a professional service. Call them today!

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I had a vacant property that I wanted to rent fairly quickly due to some personal financial issues. I contacted The Chariot Group and they offered the guaranteed rent program. Now I have monthly cash flow with no worries. The staff was very friendly and supportive during a very stressful time for me. If you need to sell your house or any other property fast and stress free, I definitely recommend you call The Chariot Group.

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I contacted The Chariot Group about renting my house after talking with a co-worker. I was a little worried and skeptical but I needed a tenant fairly quickly. I'm so glad that I contacted them. Adrienne and Francine were very friendly and put my mind at ease about the whole process. What was most impressive is that I got a tenant in 30 days! Thank you Chariot Group!

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